When it come to amputee care & prosthetic adjustments – You Have a Choice.  Tired of getting the run around from your prosthetist?  Does your prosthesis, socket or liner cause you pain or discomfort?  Is your prosthetic foot, socket or pylon cracked or broken?  Are your gel liners or socks worn out or have holes in them? Do you wish you could find an amputee clinic or prosthetic establishment that really listened to you and your concerns? Have you about given up on trying to walk with your prosthesis?  Don’t Give Up — HELP HAS ARRIVED!  At McCleve Orthotics & Prosthetics we go the extra mile to answer your questions and deliver you a prosthesis that is both functional and comfortable — and we’re not happy until you are!

So give us a call today @ 480-981-6767 to schedule your free evaluation.  We will help with all the necessary paperwork and insurance  authorization so you can get fit as quickly as possible.

  • Levels of upper extremity amputation include:

    • Fingers or partial hand (transcarpal)
    • At the wrist (wrist disarticulation)
    • Below the elbow (transradial)
    • At the elbow (elbow disarticulation)
    • Above the elbow (transhumeral)
    • At the shoulder (shoulder disarticulation)
    • Above the shoulder (forequarter)
  • Levels of lower extremity amputation include:

    • Foot – including toes or partial foot
    • At the ankle (ankle disarticulation)
    • Below the knee (transtibial)
    • At the knee (knee disarticulation)
    • Above the knee (transfemoral)
    • At the hip (hip disarticulation)

Our quest at McCleve Orthotics and Prosthetics is to restore self-confidence, self-reliance and mobility to amputees and brace wearers through a total commitment to the art and science of prosthetic and orthotics and its application to the individual patient’s needs, goals and aspirations.

Our Vision

  • Listen for complete understanding of our patient
  • Commitment of respect to those whom we serve as persons of dignity and worth
  • Medical team approach with the best community health care providers
  • Pursue the highest standards of technical excellence and certifications of our clinical staff
  • Employment of the latest automation and precision manufacturing technology at our in-house fabrication facility
  • Participation in research and educational activities supportive to our mission

Our Values

Many clinicians come to the field of orthotics and prosthetic by early exposure as patients. Because we have all been patients at one time or another we strive to understand the fears, concerns and hopes of our patients. We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to technical excellence so we can advance the mobility and function of physically challenged individuals.

There is no greater reward for our team than to know we have been able to restore your quality of life and to help you reach your goals!