Stump Protector

McCleve Orthotics & Prosthetics offer Above-Knee and Below-Knee rigid stump protectors with a soft interface for amputees.  These residual limb protectors are a perfect choice for immediate use after an amputation. It maintains the limb in a neutral and secure extended position to reduce the risk of flexion contracture. It also incorporates a stable foam protection throughout for reduced risk of injury resulting from a slip and/or fall. It is also contoured behind the knee for additional support.

Our rigid protectors helps to:

  • Maintain limb in a neutral, extended position
  • Reduce risk of flexion contracture
  • Reduce fall rupture risk with included “fall pads”
  • Provide support of the limb
  • Insulate the leg to promote skin perfusion

Other special features include:

  • Rigid design to prevent contracture
  • Secure foam protection throughout
  • Fall pads” to protect the limb in the event of a fall
  • Contoured behind the knee
  • Insulated to promoted skin perfusion
  • Adjustable, one size fits all

McCleve Arizona Prosthetic Care is second to none.  We carry a wide variety of stump protectors and shrinkers to fit every possible shape and size residual limb. We also make custom sized stump protectors for our patients who require them.  If it’s not comfortable, most patients won’t wear it.  Some popular brands include Rooke, Flo-Tech and Orthomerica.  Call our offices for a free consultation regarding your amputation.  Regardless of who you currently use for your amputee care, you deserve a second opinion.  McCleve is the Southwest Leader in Prosthetics & Amputee Care.  Call 480-981-6767 today!  You’ll be  glad you did ~

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