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prosthetic socksEach of us experience changes in our body fluid volume throughout the day.  For those of us who wear a prosthetic device, these changes in volume will affect the way our prosthesis fits including comfort level and mobility.  It is very important for you, as an amputee, to monitor this volume change (size change) in your limb to allow for the proper fit of your prosthesis.

Typically each morning, the residual limb will have a higher fluid volume (larger size).  It is natural for your residual limb to decrease in fluid volume (decrease size) throughout the day.  The speed at which this size change takes place depends on many different factors and how your body reacts.  It will be necessary to accommodate for the changing size of your limb by wearing prosthetic socks.

Prosthetic socks will differ in plies and/or thicknesses.  The socks can be worn one at a time or in different combinations to find the proper fit and thickness.  Most amputees have to change their sock ply a few times a day, depending on their level of activity.  Every amputee is different and it takes time to learn what sock ply works for you.  During the follow-up visits the prosthetist will closely monitor the sock ply you are currently using to assure it is accommodating the changes in your residual limb size.

Features of  Stretch Prosthetic Socks include:

  • Wicks moisture away from skin, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable
  • Soft fleeced interior
  • Rounded toe design prevents common distal bunching
  • Easy care with the ability to machine wash and dry
  • Approximately 60% of amputees can be fit with just two sizes!
  • Available in 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 ply with a wide range of sizes
  • Also available with a 3S hole, either knitted or vulcanized

prosthetic stockings phoenixCall or drop by any of our Phoenix Metro offices for a complete listing of our Prosthetic socks and supplies.  Regardless of who provided you with your current prosthetic device, we invite to experience the McCleve difference – The Southwest Leader in Prosthetic Limb and Amputee Care!


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