Our ‘Physicians Area’ was created to give orthopedic doctors, amputee physicians and medical professionals the information and resources necessary to assist in patient evaluation and diagnosis for a Prosthetic or Orthotic device.  The field of Prosthetics & Orthotics is ever changing and can be a difficult landscape to navigate.  We invite you to browse the areas listed below to help you in your quest to provide the best care possible to those you see.  If you have questions or need additional clarification about any of the information provided in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  • AE – Above elbow or Transhumeral
  • AK – Above knee or Transfemoral
  • Bilateral – Both upper or lower limbs
  • BE – Below elbow or Transradial
  • BK – Below elbow or Transtibial
  • Disarticulation – Amputation that occurs through a joint in the body (Ex. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee)
  • Forequarter – arm, shoulder, Clavicle, and Scapula removed
  • Hemipelvectomy – leg, hip, and pelvis removed
  • Symes – Amputation through the ankle
  • Tranmetatarsal – Amputation thru part of forefoot
  • Chopart – Amputation thru part of foot leaving Calcaneous and Talus.
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