Amputee Peer Visitors

prosthetic peer visitorsAmputee Peer Visitors Can Make All The Difference.  Although your clinician will be caring and thoughtful, nothing replaces talking to a fellow amputee.  A “Peer Mentor” or “Amputee Peer Visitor” is an amputee that will be available to speak with you about your worries and concerns. They can truly understand and relate to the challenges and fears of our amputee patients and will make themselves available to meet you in our office or your home to discuss those issues that are on your mind. Peer visitors can answer questions, offer support and be a trusting friend when you need them most. After all, many of them have experienced similar feelings and will be a valuable asset to aide in your recovery.

Possible Questions You May Ask:

  • What’s it like to actually lose a limb?
  • What will my stump or limb look like?
  • When will I receive my prosthetic device?
  • What limitation should I expect as an amputee?
  • Can I pursue my old activities and interests?

The McCleve Prosthetic Center will help match you with an amputee peer that your comfortable with. Our patients range in age from young to old and many are trained as Peer Mentors to help you get comfortable with your prosthesis and new way of life. Whether you have lost both of your legs or one arm, we have an amputee peer mentor that can relate to you and discuss what it’s like to be an amputee, from first-hand knowledge. The sooner you talk to another amputee, the sooner you’ll start to understand that you can still achieve all your hopes and dreams.

Peer Visitors offer:

  • Moral support for patient & family
  • Answers about limb loss
  • First hand advice
  • Life experiences
  • Resource and guidance for amputees

For most amputees, limb loss is a devastating life event. In the beginning, there are questions, uncertainties and sometimes overwhelming grief. But coping with the situation need not be hopeless. Each day gets a little bit easier when you have the support and companionship of someone who has “been there” and can guide you through the process. You will find meaning, purpose, and hope in the face of your struggles and will look back on this time as a season of real personal growth. Our peer visitors look forward to meeting you and working side-by-side during this very delicate time in your life. You can do it ~ and we’ll help provide the tools to assist in your emotional and physical recovery! Call today (480) 981-6767 and let’s begin the journey together!

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