Contracture Bracing

Overview – Contracture Bracing

contracture bracingDynamic and Static Progressive Orthosis, or SPOs, are custom-made braces used to treat a shortening of muscle, tendon, or scar tissue, which can produce a deformity or distortion. These products can be made for the wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle.

At McCleve Orthotics & Prosthetics, we specialize in contracture bracing solutions that are both off-the-shelf and customized for a wide variety of deformities and muscle distortions.  Your primary care physician or surgeon will know which brace will provide the best recovery.  Please contact our offices should you have any questions about our solutions.

 The McCleve Orthotic Initiative

It’s been almost a decade since owner Dean McCleve had the vision to open a state of the art Orthotic Clinic here in Arizona to offer patients world-class care for a variety of orthopedic and diabetic issues including contracture bracing and other orthopedic braces.  Dean has been the driving force behind the McCleve O&P initiative, offering orthotic bracing solution to thousands of patients in Arizona and across the southwest.  Please call us toll free at (866) 981-6767 or setup your appointment online.

Help for Your Contracture

wrist contracture

Typically, a contracture develops when the normally stretchy (elastic) tissues are replaced by nonstretchy (inelastic) fiber-like tissue. This condition makes it hard to stretch the area and prevents normal movement.  Contractures mostly occur in the skin, the tissues underneath, and the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint areas of the body.  They affect range of motion and function in a certain body part and there is usually pain associated with the contracture.

At McCleve Orthotics, you’re treated like royalty as certified ABC clinicians size your bracing to make sure you receive optimal fit and comfort.  We look forward to seeing you soon at any of our Phoenix area locations.

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