For most amputees, after they’ve healed and had a follow-up or two with their surgeon, patients may never need to see them again.  But it’s a completely different story when it comes to using a prosthetist.  Choosing the right prosthetic company can make a world of difference for an amputee and gathering as much information as possible before making that decision is critical.  Following is a list of common reason’s amputees may become frustrated with their prosthetist and chose to find a new providor.

At McCleve Prosthetics you will NEVER hear us give you any of these flimsy excuses:

  • Sorry, there’s nothing more we can do to help you.
  • Sorry, you can only try on one type of prosthesis.
  • Sorry, we only stock one type of liner.
  • Sorry, we don’t carry that brand or device.
  • Sorry, we don’t have any appointments open for at least a month.
  • Sorry, the prosthetist is on vacation.
  • Sorry, Leave your name and number after the BEEP… (no follow-up).
  • Sorry, your bill is due in full. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO Payment options.
  • Sorry, we only have chocolate or vanilla.

Sound familiar?  If you’re getting the run around from your current prosthetic company, we invite you to experience the McCleve Difference – where every patient is treated like family.  At McCleve O&P we will bend over backwards (literally) to give you the service you deserve.  You can count on us:

  • YES, Home visits are not a problem when it’s not convenient to make it into our office.
  • YES, If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find it for you
  • YES, You will have access to your clinician’s cell phone for emergencies
  • YES, Weekend appointments are available
  • YES, Quick and convenient follow-up, every time
  • YES, Friendly service – ALWAYS!
  • YES, Lots of options
  • YES, We always take care of the insurance authorization
  • YES, We will clearly explain if you have a financial responsibility before we proceed
  • YES, Free literature and educational material
  • YES, Free consultations, adjustments and follow-ups for LIFE.
  • YES, Free T-shirt
  • YES, A fun, friendly, and respectful atmosphere.
  • YES, We will listen to you and customize your prosthesis with graphics, coverings and/or other decals to your liking
  • YES, Your prosthesis will look cool & be very comfortable
  • YES, You have a choice and are in the driver’s seat
  • YES, You are our #1 priority
  • YES, We have more than 31 Flavors to choose from, variety is the spice of LIFE!

Give McCleve Prosthetics a call today to schedule your FREE – NO HASSLE evaluation and let us show you what a comfortable, well built prosthesis feels like.